Rainforest Retreat

The Nawelpi Lodge is a unique opportunity to stay deep in the Patagonian Forest while enjoying home comforts and luxury.

Boasting a Bar and restaurant, spa and regular excursions it is the ideal way to enjoy nature while also getting the enjoyable, luxury break you need.

Below are just a few images to give you an idea of what is in store for people looking for that interesting, one of a kind holiday experience.

nawelpi-lodge-002 nawelpi-lodge-005 nawelpi-lodge-009 nawelpi-lodge-025 nawelpi-lodge-026 nawelpi-lodge-028 nlodge_cab_001 nlodge_cab_034

While the UK may not have tropical rainforests there are still incredible properties to explore. For great help and advice find an estate agency in St Ives to get on it for you.