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A Wooden Home Fit For A Party

When you need to get to base with nature again, but don’t want to miss out on any fun with friends, why not find yourself a forest home fit for a party?

This is an incredible build located in Chile. Yes, it looks like the best of American country building, but is located in the very south of the Americas. The concurrent theme throughout is space, lots of space. Like any contemporary home, the focus is all drawn towards the living area, and what a fun space we have here. The large panel screen windows can slide along at integral points to bring the outdoors inside. We can imagine most visitors simply spending all their time lounging out on deck and spending time right by the grill (You know its a serious party house when there’s a table sized concrete bench to prep the barbecue).

Inside the house is a dining area big enough to fit the extended family around. Its a lovely touch to see the wood inside carried around every feature, from the floor to walls, and the choice to have natural light penetrate the house at key points.

Expertly crafted from Chilean Oak, this property offers all the quality of more common builds but blends with its surroundings seamlessly. The roofing provides weatherproof protection thanks to the simple riveting which is easy to recreate with as little as a thin sheet of aluminium, sheet plastic and a high quality Pop Rivet Gun. The glass wall allows the people inside appreciate the beauty of the outside surroundings in a truly awe inspiring piece of architecture.

We are seeing this type of property grow in popularity from South America to Europe and Asia as people try to get back to nature but maintain their modern comforts. If you are on the hunt for a new home or even office, simply let your estate agent (like this estate agent in Wroxham) know what you’re looking for.


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Malta has recently seen a surge in wooden structures. This is due to young architects looking to find their own unique spin. Malta is known for being mostly concrete and stone construction, so these buildings really do stand out and rebel against the norm. For more information about visiting Malta go to: